about Lily

I grew up being taught that making the world a better place was more important than anything. But along the way, I saw a lot of behavior that didn't line up with the message I was receiving verbally. It turns out, wanting to be a certain way isn't enough when we're dealing with generations of trauma, a society that alienates us in all kinds of ways, and interpersonal pain. Healing myself became an integral aspect of fighting to improve the world around me.

I now know that social and environmental justice won't happen unless we learn to love ourselves enough to challenge ourselves in sustainable ways. I bring this lens to my work as a therapist. I believe the personal is political and vice versa. I believe looking inward is an important part of the fight for justice everywhere.


I received a Masters in Counseling Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies.  

I split my time between my private practice and hosting my podcast, and a weekly live advice show on BFF.fm called Radical Advice

In the past, I've been a regular contributor to Psyched in San Francisco MagazineHuffington Post and occasionally elsewhere in internet land. 


let me help you

  • Grow a healthier relationship with food, exercise, and body image.
  • Understand your substance use and find healthy coping strategies.
  • Navigate big questions about what you and your partner want from your relationship and break difficult patterns of relating.
  • Discover the inner resources necessary to stand up for a world you want to live in.