individual psychotherapy

Let's face it - being human sucks sometimes. And most of us develop all kinds of strategies to deal with this. Many of these strategies, we developed a long long time ago in response to circumstances very much out of our control. 

Therapy is a place to build safety and trust with another human being so you can begin to unpack, examine, and rebuild your internal world in a sustainable way. Along the way, you'll discover some really incredible things about yourself that you'll want to cherish and appreciate. And you'll also begin to feel more choice about the things you want to change. You shouldn't have to do that alone. I'm not even sure how you would.

In our sessions, we'll collaborate to create a safe environment that allows you to actively engage in this process, even when you feel most vulnerable. My highest priority is to be present and flexible enough to cater the work to your individual needs and to balance safety with challenge.   

couple therapy

Attachment is healthy and necessary but many of us are wounded by not-so-perfectly-healthy early childhood attachments.  We tend to replay these early attachment wounds in our adult relationships, relating from a defended stance that blocks us from experiencing true intimacy. If our partner is wounded too, this is a recipe for getting stuck in the same conflict over and over. The good news is we can choose to not follow the family recipe if we don't want to!

My approach is warm and playful yet challenging.  In our sessions I will work with you and your partner to help us understand your dynamic and get to the core of what you feel and need in the relationship. I'll help you practice new skills for more effectively communicating your needs, hearing your partner, and responding authentically.

I enjoy working with all kinds of couples, including heterosexual, queer, monogamous & non-monogamous couples. 


food & body image

The vast majority of adults (and many children) in the United States have some kind of disordered relationship to food and body. We're taught that the way we are isn't good enough and listening to our bodies' desires is dangerous. But many of us receive similar messages about all kinds of things. We're afraid to "take up space", use our voices, be free. Perhaps, your struggle with your body is a way you've learn to cope with not feeling good enough. 

We'll work together to understand the beliefs you hold about yourself and the world. We'll begin to bring these unconscious, automatic behaviors and reactions forward so you can choose other options. Over time, you'll feel more free and comfortable in your own skin.  

Depending on your needs, I may want to collaborate with a physician, Registered Dietician, and any other members of your care team.


substance misuse

Despite popular discourse on addiction, your substance use is not a black and white issue. You don't necessarily have a disease and your uncertainty about abstinence doesn't mean you're in denial. So take a deep breath. 

Together, we'll explore how your substance use has helped you and how it hurts. We'll work collaboratively to experiment with individualized strategies to reduce any problematic substance use or quit altogether, if that's what you want. Along the way, you'll develop healthier ways to cope.

I offer a non-dogmatic space, where you can share your struggle without receiving ultimatums and prescriptions.